My vision for building a better world together

I have a big picture vision for agriculture in this country. I want an innovative, dynamic, exciting, collaborative, cohesive and PROFITABLE agrifood sector. A sector that our next generation’s best and brightest see as the place they want to be.

My mission is to get everyone to share my vision AND HELP ME MAKE IT HAPPEN

In 2022 – I am on a mission to change the culture in agriculture. The vision is for a sector that EVERYONE is proud to work in. The best people apply, and they stay, and they are loud and proud that they help nourish the nation.

I have been around long enough to know there are still several things we have to address before we can put our hands on our heart and say we are doing enough as a sector to achieve that.

This takes are lot of lobbying and sometimes in my case calling things out.

Its hard work, at times I struggle and I journal my pain.

We can all work together and build a better world or we can focus on bettering our world

I am grateful to everyone who is on this journey to build a better world with me.

Clover Hill Dairies

6 thoughts on “My vision for building a better world together”

  1. Love your vision. What can we ordinary suburban Aussies do to help you achieve it? I’m up for the challenge, and am avoiding the big 3 as much as I can. But it is a bit lonely out here. I just don’t get why so many flock to them when real convenience, quality and value could be delivered to their door, or damn well near it, without any interaction with the Woollies and Coles of the world. My spirit, and my wallet is with you and other like mind people.


  2. G’day, I was just reading you page and thought I’d fill you in on what My wife and I are trying to achieve. We have a small herd of beef cattle and due to the low market have had a crack at diversifying how we do things. We’re now having our cattle professionally butchered and personally delivering the meat directly to peoples freezers. Its a lot of work but the personal satisfaction makes it worth while…. I loved reading your post about the vegans. It was very timely after some less than positive comments we’ve been faced with from what I’m hoping is the minority of the vegan community…..

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