I am not happy Woolworths

Agriculture has an image problem and Woolworths you are NOT helping

Have you seen these bizarre adds?

I mean have you ever seen a farmer dressed like “Malcolm”? What about the imagery of rural and regional Australia. What on earth are they thinking? The food looks like it has been transported from the 1950’s

This is what Generation Food and Fibre look like in the 21st Century. They are young professionals who are articulate, well educated, passionate and committed and they deserve better from Woolworths


Art4agriculture Young Farming Champions from NSW

To make it worse Young Farming Champion Kylie Stretton from QLD tells me she walked into her Woolies’ store this week and they were having Fresh Farm Day “with hay and  stupid hats and shirts with fake freckles”

Fake freckles OMG this all has to stop now. Once again the Aussie Farmer Image is  collateral damage in an advertising campaign.

Enough is Enough. Looking forward to your suggestions on how we tackle this.

Post script

This post has attracted a lot of conversation on twitter. The farmers aren’t happy but if the urban press is right this campaign is pure genius.

The very important question was asked on twitter “What image do we want agriculture/farmers to have”

After much twitter debate the question was answered

How do farmers want to be portrayed in the media? Exactly how they are “professional and caring”  Thank you Woolworths, the Food and Fibre generation fraternity look forward to your new adds with gusto

On another note this is not just a job for Woolworths – image needs to be created and it needs to be actively maintained. I am excited to be part of a team who has been charged by the National Farmers Federation working group on Labour, Skills and Education to help come up with the image vision. I am relishing the challenge and look forward to your feedback when we put our thoughts on the table. I can assure you “professional and caring” will be right at the top of the list

Some interesting thoughts from Dr Heather Bray here “Does getting it wrong bring us closer together”