#youthinag Leadership Search a tough gig

Its been a tough week. Too many important decisions to make.

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The Leadership Search – a tough gig

One in particular is causing some major pondering with applications now closed for the inaugural 2017 Picture You in Agriculture Scholarship  Fifteen applicants have been invited to move to the next round which is writing a blog post for Art4AgricultureChat . As you can see from the quality of #youthinag blog post content the applicants are nothing short of phenomenal

The committee is so torn. One scholarship so many great people. Who to choose?

Having applied for many things in my lifetime. Sometimes being successful and other times not. What I have learnt from being on the other side and sitting on the selection committee is often selection is a matter of luck, being that person who ticks all the right boxes at that point in time.


It has been highly rewarding to know that we are not the only ones who are excited by the quality of applicants and in typical cotton industry style (never miss an opportunity to nurture potential best and the brightest cotton industry advocates and professionals) Nellie Evans has now been offered a CRDC Young Farming Champions position in the program. We are now in talks with two other organisations to see if we can ensure some more of these amazing young people don’t slip through the cracks.

Nellie Evans .jpg

Congratulations to Nellie Evans who has just received an opportunity to enter the Young Farming Champions program as a Cotton YFC thanks to the generosity of CRDC 

The expression of interest process has also elicited some fascinating insights from #youthinag into the questions.

  1. What do you think are the greatest challenges facing the agriculture sector?
  2. Why you believe it is important for the agriculture sector to build relationships with the community

The biggest challenges that face the Australian agricultural industry is maintaining reality in a virtual orientated world. Providing the opportunity for people to touch, feel, smell and experience the reality of farming. Empowering people to experience the magic of sustainable harvesting of country and building a genuine ownership of the physical world where we live and what’s around us.

Not only is it a social obligation to build relationships with your customers, from an economic stand point it is highly beneficial to foster positive community relationships to ensure ongoing support, markets and consumer appreciation of value in products and financial resilience in the Australian agricultural sector. All good businesses are built on solid relationships and secure and profitable channels to markets to drive on farm profitability.

I look forward to introducing you to the inaugural Picture You in Agriculture scholarship winner


Author: Lynne Strong

I am a 6th generation farmer who loves surrounding myself with optimistic, courageous people who believe in inclusion, diversity and equality and embrace the power of collaboration. I am the founder of Picture You in Agriculture. Our team design and deliver programs that inspire pride in Australian agriculture and support young people to thrive in business and life

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