Secrets of the South Coast

Today saw me visiting Comerong Island and what a gorgeous spot it is



You can only reach the island by a car ferry that runs from the mainland east of Nowra to Comerong Island, across a stretch of water known locally as The Canal.


Comerong Island wasn’t always an island. Before European settlement, the Shoalhaven River ran out to sea to the north, but it had a rough entrance. The Crookhaven River to the south was closed by a spit.

Alexander Berry had some men dig a trench between the two rivers. The flow quickly widened the channel to what you see here. The Shoalhaven River entrance is now closed, the river runs past here into the Crookhaven River and out to sea through a wide entrance and Comerong Island was cut off from the mainland as a result.

Originally home to a number of dairy farms


It now boasts some wonderful holiday houses and a nature reserve.


Family treasures


They also tell me it is an excellent fishing spot.


A child’s paradise


Wonderful afternoons watching the sun go down


From this


to this


and at the end of the day just a short row to the Shoalhaven Heads pub


It does have its down side. Make sure you take lots of stuff to tackle the mozzies


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