Disappointed Woolworths

Even as a kid I was pretty vocal and I always remember this little saying my dad would flick my way from time to time “ if you cant say something nice don’t say anything”

Well, it well and truly appears Woolworths Chairman Ralph Waters needs to have a conversation with my dad. 

Mr Waters has copped the wrath of dairy farmers, their supporters and the wider community who despise “big business” tramping on the small business when he apparently made the suggestion that Queensland dairy farmers should “get out and do something else”, or be “weeded out” as impractical

You can read the story in Australian Dairy Farmer Magazine here

Now when one makes comments like this, one would expect if you are a caring, sharing person that you would upset a few people and that these people would get quite vocal and these people have taken to social media to tell Mr Waters exactly how they feel

Comments like this on the Woolworths Facebook site.

Lisa Claessen

You can like this post or make a comment here https://www.facebook.com/woolworths/posts/420710038001133

and this

Steph Tarlinton

You can support Stephanie’s comments here


What is disappointing is Woolworths have removed these comments from public view. Picked up by the ever vigilant Kylie Stretton of Ask an Aussie Farmer fame See here

Kylie Stretton

You can comment on Kylie’s post here 


Now hiding is not a smart strategy Woolworths because articulate, well educated, passionate people will find other ways to air their views and this is exactly what is happening

Woolworths have not ventured into the twittersphere space yet but everyone else who wants to get their message out has

Twitter is now abuzz with @Duofreefriday which is the Twitter handle of Duopoly Free Friday campaign and they wont be able to hide this from public view. 30 followers in 10 minutes and climbing  

Duopoly Free Friday 

Own up Mr Waters you made some comments that you must have known would be red rag to a bull. Wear the consequences. Hiding from them will only do the Woolworths brand more damage.

Duopoly Free Friday tweets

Twitter reveals all