A Little Ray of Sunshine

Every new day on the farm brings new life and new hope

I remember being upset a few of years ago when we lost a special cow and a well meaning person in the room making the pragmatic statement “when you have live ones you will have dead ones”. Lets say I didn’t find it very comforting.

As yesterday’s post alluded a bit of good news wouldn’t a stray. Sadly not only did we lose Simola in the flood we lost our beautiful princess the Divine Eileen to what the vet believes was snake bite. That was devastating for everyone on the farm


Eileen now has a paddock named after her

So you can imagine the excitement yesterday when the world famous Magpie calved and had a little girl


Watch her first steps here – just adorable

My first steps–how clever am I

Magpie is destined for fame with her mum attracting widespread media attention over the last couple of years

KIama Independent 10th march 2010 Emma Udderly Fantastic

She also stars at the end of this video which won Emma the Heywire Competition

Emma and Magpie

and then her sister with Emma last year

01-08-2011 09;42;12AM

and then there is her grandmother the most bizarre cow on the planet