Energy can be contagious if we want it to be

The takeaway message from this years Dairy Research Foundation Symposium held in my beautiful hometown of Kiama was most definitely the key to success is to surround yourself with positive people  

This post has been inspired firstly this comment made by Brewarrina farmer and guest speaker Graham Finlayson which I tweeted out 

Its only takes one negative person in a room of 100 people to drain the energy from the room

That was quickly pounced upon by life coach Caryn @Menabiilly with the reply

negativity is contagious

then Sarah Grayton @farmersonfilm shared this

Saleena Gooden

Salena Godden performs Limp Expectations, an ironic poem about artists and creative people who refuse to give up.

Watch here

For all those people who have a dream and need to reaffirm their belief in themselves

Check it out its amazing, it phenomenal, I love it

Thank you so much Sarah


Now I am off to have lunch with @goaheadgreg who also wowed the crowd at the conference Greg will keep my energy levels up for a week