Wake up Coles please dont put your profits before Australian farming families

Coles profits are riding on the back of their Down Down Down campaign. As reported in the  Sydney Morning Herald today “Wesfarmers said full-year net profit rose 11 per cent to $2.126 billion. Its Coles unit capped a third year of market-beating performances as it stepped up its price war with bigger rival Woolworths.” But this comes at a cost, a huge cost and there is no denying dairy farmers are the current collateral damage in this drive for billion dollar profits”

My blog post yesterday Coles is Making my Blood Boil saw an outpouring of united support for dairy farmers from both the community and our fellow farmers.

Now that the community is aware that Coles is suggesting their customers support their Down Down Campaign that is having such a devastating effect on Australian dairy farmers to put an extra $1.23 per day in their pockets they are mortified. Appalled that Coles is effectively asking them to be complicit in the downfall of Australian farming families.

How do we right this terrible wrong. People Power that’s how. No matter how much the government would like to help their hands are tied. However every single Australian can stand up and have a voice and say Coles we wont support you if it means Australian farming families and the jobs they support in the broader community are threatened

What can you do”. You can vote with your wallet and/or your feet Australian families.

You can do this in two ways

Option 1. Is to buy branded milk rather than supermarket equivalents. This would support the margins of the milk processors and the real opportunity for this to flow back to farmers.

Option 2  You can seek out your independent Australian owned supermarkets and grocers  and support them instead of Coles.

The government needs your help too. Their National Food Plan aims to provide all Australians with affordable, nutritious LOCALLY produced food that is good for people, animals and the planet. Lets help them do it. Support Aussie Farmers and say no to Coles Down Down Down campaign and the massive profits it is putting in their pockets

Emma and calves  

Our future is in your hands Australia. We can win this one together  

Author: Lynne Strong

I am a 6th generation farmer who loves surrounding myself with optimistic, courageous people who believe in inclusion, diversity and equality and embrace the power of collaboration. I am the founder of Picture You in Agriculture. Our team design and deliver programs that inspire pride in Australian agriculture and support young people to thrive in business and life

7 thoughts on “Wake up Coles please dont put your profits before Australian farming families”

  1. Great photo! Really hope the public get behind dairy producers. I buy branded milk, but it’s hard not to feel like a drop in the ocean when majority of shoppers are buying cheap milk.

  2. The only answer for Dairy Farmers affected by the low prices being offered by the existing users is to see whether they can form a Cooperative along the lines of Fonterra in New Zealand where these low milk prices simply do not exist because Fonterra sets the Farm Gate Price. There is no where in Nz you can buy milk at any supermarket for $1.00 per liter as in Australia. The Public of Australia also have to realise the damage tey are doing by using House Brand of Milk. We too have house brands but not at $1.00 per liter. Fonterra are active in Australia right now and it may be worth asking thier advice on down stream processing also.

    1. Thanks Ray As you know Fonterra operates on a different model in OZ and pretty confident the Australian government would not look too favorably on the super cooperative model they enjoy in NZ

  3. What happens to all the permeate if it’s not sold in cheap milk? I buy branded but am curious if there is another avenue for dairy farmers to sell it?

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