It starts with you. Does the culture in your organisation empower, enhance, enable and engage?

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I fell into leadership as no-one else was putting their hand up at the time

I was not comfortable because whilst I know everyone admires my courage and the fact that I get stuff done my style does not suit everyone.

I wasn’t crazy about it myself.

So I went on a journey to improve my leadership style

I am the first to admit its progress not perfection

What my journey has taught me is CULTURE in organisations is the must have foundation.

Because I identified some of the best leadership coaches in the business to go on my learning journey with, I have become very good at identifying good leadership in others and organisations that get stuff done because they get the culture right first

I got to experience what that looks like at the highest level in the last month.

Best practice following a meeting is to send a follow up document that outlines from your perspective what all parties agreed to do. Then all parties go on that journey (with any tweaks that you missed). BTW You know you are working with the best when the other party sends the follow up email before you do.

Three weeks ago, I was in a meeting where both parties had the opportunity to get more great stuff done by working with others they had not yet been introduced to.

I had connections for the organisation I was talking to and some-one from the organisation I was talking to had previously worked for a legend whose organisation would be the perfect partner for the schools our organisation works with

And meeting this legend would be for me be like meeting Barack Obama or Bill Gates

The introductions were made and then I saw why this legend and the organisation she founded has achieved so much

It was extraordinary. I sent an email to the legend outlining what our organisation does and highlighted potential synergies from my perspective.

She then did this thing I have never seen in action before.

She connected me with her Executive Assistant, all the key program managers, told me who would be allocated to blind cc and who was accountable for what in one paragraph.

Meetings followed and magic is happening !!!!!!!!!

How does your CEO deal with their Inbox?

How many people and organisations do you talk to who spend more time telling you how busy they than they do getting stuff done.?

'do something today that your future self will thank you for' hand lettering quote on dark background
‘do something today that your future self will thank you for’ hand lettering quote on dark background

Kownledge into action