Travelling the highway of plenty to raise $10000 for Aussie Farmers

A lot of people do pro bono work on behalf of agriculture. I am just one of the many.

I however am also highly intolerant of people in paid positions in agriculture with a CANT DO attitude. This week I had too many conversations with some of those people and by Friday morning I was ropeable and I let it show. On top of this Tony Abbott has now declared Paradise a mobile phone black spot and half these people I am having these frustrating conservations with cant hear me clearly ( or say they cant) and yesterday I even did that thing you should NEVER EVER do and hung up on one of those CANT DO people.

I was punished. Whilst I was having this conversation ( or trying too ) my lunch burnt

burnt saucepans

What I can assure you is it pays to have good quality saucepans. This is recoverable albeit with a lot of elbow grease

Esteele Saucepan

Voila – BTW Esteele you can send my commission to the Lynne Strong Professional Development Fund

I am furious with myself and my lack of control is filling my headspace and now I cant sleep. On top of this I have used my last drop of milk to make a large latte which isn’t going to help the get to sleep cause one little bit but it is delish.

Enough about me I am writing this post to put my life into perspective and showcase a wonderful young man who names the cotton industry as his first true love who I first met last year when he joined the Young Farming Champions team

Meet Martin Murray

Martin Murray and Macca

Martin (right) and Macca

Martin and his friend James Macca  Mackenzie are planning to raise money for Aussie Helpers and rural families by riding their Postie Bikes from Moree in Northern NSW to Broome on the stunning Western Australian Coast.

Martin and Macca route-map

Wow just looking at the route exhausts me

Twenty-year-old Martin says he and James hope to complete the trip in just seven days. “We’ll be travelling via the Plenty Highway and Tanami track, covering a total of 4279km… and a lot of that’s dirt,” he says.
“We wanted to raise money for a good cause and take our ‘Posties’ on an adventure – they add to the challenge. It wouldn’t be so much of a challenge if we took James’ Patrol,” Martin jokes.
Aussie Helpers, a volunteer group started in 2002 to help support rural families in the outback, was the obvious choice of charity for Martin and James. “We’ve always been fans of their work,” Martin says. “Raising $10,000 seems like an ambitious starting point but I believe we can make it.”

Maccas Bike

Macca’s bike is starting to look pretty impressive

Martin and Macca plan to leave on the 16th of June and aim to raise $10 000 for Aussie Helpers. You can read all about it and follow their journey here

You can cheer them

On twitter here @PostieRide

On Facebook here

Please feel free to donate to the East West Postie Ride for Farmers cause via their  Everyday Hero page.

Thanks Martin and Macca you have inspired me to keep fighting the good fight. I salute you

Shout out to fellow Young Farming Champion the gorgeous Bessie at Burragan who is also supporting the boys with great press releases