Valuing fresh milk – lost in translation

Tonight I am staying in a hotel in Sydney CBD. I am a bit of a coffee freak so prefer to stay in hotels that provide a Nespresso Machine or equivalent. These day most hotels ask your preferences and mine is always is to ask for a minumum of 250mls of fresh milk ( not UHT in my fridge) and I bring my own milk frother just in case one is not provided


Tonight’s hotel apparrently asks for customer requests and then ignores them.


So I make the call.

Me: “Please send me up more coffee pods and 250ml of fresh milk.”

Housekeeping: “Madam are you aware there will be a charge of $5 for the fresh milk?”

Me: “You must be kidding. There is a Woolies around the corner I will get my milk there? How much for the extra coffee pods?”


Housekeeping: “No charge Madam”

This 6th generation dairy farmer is flabbergasted. $5 for 250ml of fresh milk. Please dont tell the cows