We are all hungry for good news stories

Everyone loves a good news story. After droughts, flooding rains and fire and now COVID we are all hungry for good news stories

My 2020 conversations with students and teachers in schools in NSW and Queensland is telling me young people not only want to hear a good news story they want to create their own.
They are particularly passionate about the opportunity to work with farmers to ensure the food we produce gets to the people who need it most. Global Goal 2 which is #ZeroHunger is a big priority for them
This year has been a wonderful opportunity to engage with global partners including Corteva Agriscience and the World’s Largest Lesson to help support young Australians to make the difference they want to make in the world everyday.

These partnerhsips are helping us understand what young people are thinking and feeling and how they believe they can best support farmers. This has been backed up by our recent research in Australia and complements the work done by Corteva listening to young producers and young consumers around the world.

The future of Food and Farming

When you combine the facts and figures with magnificent animations like this from the Worlds Largest Lesson young people get great joy out of knowing we can all DO SOMETHING