Saluting the majestic Catherine Marriott.  Join us #StandwithMaz say #Time4Change and Vote 1 for #Moralintegrity 

With the hashtag #WhyIdidntreportit trending today I am a truly grateful for the majestic Catherine Marriott. She epitomises every single quality of the 7 types of people I want to surround myself with.

1) The inspired
2) The passionate
3) The motivated
4) The grateful
5) The open minded
6) The courageous #StandwithMaz
…..and the ones that make you smile, especially when you need it the most

There is a great article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald by @JacquelineMaley Good girls: absurd to expect women to respect systems which don’t serve them and using this quote from the article.

It is increasingly absurd to expect women to respect systems which not only don’t serve them, but which actively sabotage them when they try to do right.

The systems may seem immovable, but the atmosphere around them is changing.

More and more, the people who say women should shut up about it, or put up with it, or get over it, or bury it, are being answered with an unwelcome word: No.

I want to send this message to everyone out there who think all of the rural women and men who know and love Maz ( as she is affectionately called) will stop calling out poor behaviour and go away.

We will not.

We will #StandwithMaz until there is change.

Until Moral Integrity is revered in the National and Liberal Parties over Power

The behaviour you walk past is the standard you accept and as Barack Obama reminded us all yesterday the consequences of any of us sitting on the sidelines are far more dangerous. It might be some-one you love next.

Join us #StandwithMaz say #Time4Change and Vote 1 for #Moralintegrity 

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Update June 2020

As the world continues to grapple with injustice and why people feel pwoerless to drive change this article gives insightsfrom a survivor

Catherine Marriott – a woman who stood up when she knew it would do the most good

I first met Catherine Marriott in early 2012. She reached out because she saw we shared a vision we both wanted to turn into a reality. We wanted to help empower rural and regional Australians in the agriculture sector to share their story and provide them with the tools and knowledge to do that.

I have never met anybody like her. She thinks deeply about every decision she makes. She surrounds herself with an ever-growing network of agriculture’s best and bright minds. First and foremost she cares deeply about people, she consults, she listens, and she always goes with the decisions she believes are best for women, agriculture and rural and regional Australia. And that means she does what’s best for everyone in this country

She joined me at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 2012 where she helped me run two events that connect young people in rural Australia with young people in our cities

We shared a room – she declared she didn’t sleep a wink – I snore louder than her mother.

She is a professional photographer, she took our photographs. We couldn’t afford to pay her, yet she insisted on paying for half that room where didn’t sleep a wink.

Catherine Marriott.jpg

Catherine Marriott congratulates Jordan Kerr at the Cream of the Crop Awards in 2012. Note MC Stephanie Coombes

I can understand if it happened a while ago (which is what’s been reported) why Catherine made the decision now.  I can only envision how much heart and soul went into her decision to make an official complaint. She has phenomenal support from her amazing family . She would have thought about the impact on the Rural Women’s Award, the town of Broome, her workplace everyone and everything she has ever touched.

Let’s not forget the self-care. These things don’t go away. Catherine is a woman with an incredible legacy. She has achieved so much in such a short time and I am confident will achieve so much more. The last thing agriculture and anything she has made a reality needs, is for her be known first for being ‘that woman who finally made Barnaby realise it was time to do the right thing”

Men and women everywhere are standing side by side to support this brave, brave woman with the hashtags #standwithMaz #solidarity4Catherine #strongwomen

Join us and help people everywhere have the courage to stand up when it matters and when it will do the most good.