Today I am embarrassed to be a Dairy Farmers’ supplier

Today I saw for the first time the new advertising campaign by Lion for their “permeate free” milk and I was devastated


The lowest from of advertising is to denigrate some-one else’s product to sell yours and when I saw this add I was embarrassed to be a Dairy Farmers’ supplier. It would appear from the add the “evil” milk is UHT but the media gives me to think its the “No name or House Brand” fresh milk they are referring to.

This is what happened on our farm the day Dairy Farmers milk went permeate free.


We had to put 25,000 litres of our milk down the drain. This was because Lion didn’t have the capacity to pick our milk up. No explanation just a phone call.  “Let it all out” 

Permeate Fallout

First it was the 5,000 litre vat.


Then it was the 30,000 litre vat.

It was a 24 hour process to ensure it went onto the paddocks as fertiliser and not into our waterways. The look on the staff’s faces when we had to do this was devastating. Thank god the cows didn’t know.

I just shake my head. My social conscience went into overdrive. 1 billion people go hungry every night and we are asked to tip the perfect food cocktail down the drain.

Curious about Permeate then you can read about it in a former blog post I wrote here or find out more by watching this catchy little vid Dairy Farmers have also kindly put together to keep you informed

Its interesting when Permeate burst onto the scene with great fanfare back in 2008 industry reaction was “no comment” Now its “trendy” and it apparently sells milk to talk about it.

By the way I cant find a dairy farmer who knows the “dairy farmer” in the add so it would appear at this stage he is an actor. Somebody please tell me I a wrong as we certainly don’t need people pretending to be dairy farmers as well   

Author: Lynne Strong

I am a 6th generation farmer who loves surrounding myself with optimistic, courageous people who believe in inclusion, diversity and equality and embrace the power of collaboration. I am the founder of Picture You in Agriculture. Our team design and deliver programs that inspire pride in Australian agriculture and support young people to thrive in business and life

11 thoughts on “Today I am embarrassed to be a Dairy Farmers’ supplier”

  1. That’s very disappointing. I did assume if df weren’t using permeate they would use more milk not less though. And I see their Crema is still using permeate…but anyway Not sure of the rules..but any thoughts to call some other milk companies to pick it up? No point wasting it, even if you sold it at a cheaper price.

  2. I’m with Paul – wouldn’t they need more milk to make up the volume if they weren’t using permeate?

  3. You must be heartbroken it is very hard to understand how alleged improvements witin an industy are of benefit to anyone when I read this. Sorry

  4. Yes this is why I decided to speak out . I wasn’t going to until I saw the add and was just so disappointed to see one company I supply move into this space of advertising, which just makes me cringe. We have two farms and supply Parmalat/Pauls from our second farm Their milk is now also permeate free and I am very pleased they are not stooping to this type of advertising model

  5. The fact is up until now EVERY major milk brand sold in a supermarket in NSW as ‘fresh milk’ HAS had permeate in it, the real problem was that there was no law that required the processors to
    declare it.

  6. What do they do with the permeate if they don’t add it back into the milk?

    1. Hi Andrew Permeate is a by product of ultra-filtration. This process involves putting the whole milk through a very fine sieve which separates various components of milk – fat, protein, lactose, vitamins and minerals. Permeate is a mixture of the milk-sugar (lactose), vitamins and minerals components of milk. I would say there should be plenty of other uses

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