#Auspol Bashing – is there a better way to get our messages across

Twitter can be a very nasty space and I readily admit I found this twitter feed between Cam Parker and Fiona Simson refreshing





There is so much frustration out there and like many I thought a Malcolm Turnbull led government would take the lead on real Climate Action. I am disappointed. Australian farmers en masse are disappointed

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How do we get our messages across in a respectful way.

How do we make our point without more #asupol bashing.

Perhaps a little humour


udder disgrace

Read Fiona Simson’s opinion piece “Drought framework must be flexible, fair and free of red tape”  here


Is Farmers for Climate Action the new leadership model for Agriculture?

As a founding member and ambassador for Farmers for Climate Action I find the  movement and its farmers awe-inspiring for so many reasons and ask is it the new model for leadership in agriculture?

It is a movement set up by farmers for farmers and its kicking goal after goal showing that Australian Farmers

  • Are taking climate action
  • Can work effectively with diverse groups including groups farmers traditionally felt were antagonists
  • Can effectively form a powerful lobby movement
  • Have powerful philanthropic support
  • Have community support
  • Can attract outside industry support funding partners
  • Can effectively develop and deliver NGO campaigns in a style like Getup
  • Can effectively crowdfund for projects that match their values
  • Can get the politicians to sit up and listen and converse and act
  • can work collaboratively and collectively together

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Farmers for Climate Action – The Why


 Farmers for Climate Action is an inclusive movement driven by farmers, for farmers calling for immediate action on climate change and supporting on-farm adaptation and mitigation to ensure a positive future for generations of Australian farmers.

We are committed to working with farmers from all across Australia to communicate issues relating to climate change.

We are supporting farmers to be part of the solution to climate change through climate-smart farming practices. We recognize that many farmers are already leading the way.

We are actively advocating for more targeted research, development, extension and adoption to support farmers in successfully adapting to changing climatic conditions.

We are strongly advocating for immediate action on climate change at local, state and federal levels and working with our communities to ensure farmers have a strong voice on climate change.

We are calling on a rapid transformation of Australia’s energy system away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy in a way that maximizes benefits to farmers and regional communities.

We recognise that climate solutions can provide huge benefits for regional Australia, helping revitalise our communities.


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Yes indeed the forward thinking “we are all in this together” model for a bright and flourish agriculture sector in Australia