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Michael and I are in WA for my first Australian Landcare Council board meeting. This afternoon we were driving up the highway from Freemantle and we heard this clever add promoting WA yogurt and urging  all Sandgropers to buy local and support WA dairy farmers 


Here is a little bit of background from the website

Brownes are making a stand for WA dairy farmers and naming Saturday 3 November 2012 the official Use Buy Date for all yoghurts imported into WA. From that day on, we’re inviting all West Australians to buy locally made yoghurt instead.

On Sunday 4 November 2012 our Managing Director, Ben will be driving a truck from Perth, through the South West, across the Nullabor to the East Coast to give them back their empty imported yoghurt containers.

I will keep my fingers crossed Ben  doesn’t chose our place to unload his truck

There is also this great info graphic

You can read all about it on their  website here

Whilst it may not be Yeo Valley


I love the concept and the passion. Well done Brownes

What do you think?

Author: Lynne Strong

I am a 6th generation farmer who loves surrounding myself with optimistic, courageous people who believe in inclusion, diversity and equality and embrace the power of collaboration. I am the founder of Picture You in Agriculture. Our team design and deliver programs that inspire pride in Australian agriculture and support young people to thrive in business and life

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  1. Great campaign! Will send a link to this blog to a WA friend of mine.

    Yeo Valley ad is classic! Good looking farmers too….mmm… Cos cruising on the Massey is how they roll. 😛

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