An apple for the doctor

I like to think of myself as a glass half full person but I can tell you I spent quite a bit of time first thing this morning doing my damndest to find the bright side

Day 2 of Archibull Prize  judging ended up with me in a hotel in Sydney where I found myself in a disabled room. Often this a good thing, The rooms tend to be larger and for a blind person like me its much safer when you don’t have to climb in and out of a bath to have shower. Though as a tall person the sink at knee level isn’t always ideal.

This room however was a definite after thought with the bathroom being modified by  replacing the bathroom door with a wooden architrave and a concertina curtain door that was not handling the battering by wheelchairs (and to be perfectly honest those wheel chair drivers deserved medals for even fitting the chair through the door)

This morning I got out of the shower bent down to pick up a towel and went ouch, Damn I thought I had caught the side of the architrave and broken a nail. So I grabbed the emery board as all us girls always have at our finger tips and popped on the glasses and was just about to file and noticed the nail was still in place but their was nasty chunk of wood poking out the top.

Just what I needed when we were on a tight schedule visiting four schools in Sydney on day 3 to judge the Archibull Prize before heading up the central coast for day 4 of judging

Now the bright side of all this despite the increasing pain ( trust me it was painful) did surface. As it so happened I had to take a quick detour before I headed out to Menai High School to hook-up with the art judge Wendy Taylor.

Fortuitously (is that the right word here) I had a bit of surgery last week that required having stitches out this morning and if ever I needed ready access to a doctor today was the day.

Then the nurse says I think we may need the surgeon to pull this out (a bit of overkill I thought) but he might not be available for a couple of hours. Scream

Anyway she was my hero and got it out without me fainting and what a relief that was I can tell you

I took a picture  and what do you think the first thing I thought of when I saw it was –  Oh my goodness look at those ratty cuticles

Splinter IMG_8487

You will be pleased to know the rest of the day was filled with glass overflowing moments.  Wow have we got some outstanding Archies this year

Here is just a taste of what we saw today

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  1. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Lynne that looks so painful!!!!!!! Thank goodness it has been removed…..I am loving the blogs about the Archibull they are all so clever and beautiful….chickens and Penny are doing well 🙂

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