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I spent part of this weekend staying with my special friend Bev and her husband Don and their gorgeous grandson Julian who is just about to turn 16 happened to be staying too

Now the dairy industry owes a great deal to Julian who doesn’t farm but does drink a lot of milk. Julian’s claim to fame in this instance for dairy is he put the Australian dairy industry on the map literally

In 2004 when I started advocating for dairy the dairy industry had NO pictures ( believe it or not agriculture had no pictures) and I engaged Bev’s equally gorgeous daughter Jo to take a series of photos for me which she did pro bono

DA SRES 2005 099

Bev’s daughter Jo and her husband Matt in 2005

I sent them to the current communications manager at Dairy Australia – Vicki Surwillo who at that time was working as a marketing consultant for Dairy Australia. She lobbied her then boss Richard Lange and Richard came up with a campaign called Impressions of Dairy. Dairy Australia then hired a series of well-known photographers to go out to farms all over Australia and take beautiful photos of our farmers and their families and their farms

The premise was so beautiful and so simple and so customer focused

Our dairy farmers are just like you. They have families. They have hope and dreams.

I then lobbied Dairy Australia to take over half the cattle pavilion at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and we had an Impressions of Dairy Art Exhibition and did lots of other great stuff.


 Julian aged 3yrs seen here in this photo kissing the calf was the star of the exhibition

DA SRES 2005 125

The exhibition

DA SRES 2005 117

All the big wigs (John McKew DA, Ian Langdon (Chair Dairy Farmers Milk CO-OP board, Pat Rowley Chair of Board of DA, Janet Moxey, Richard Lange Marketing and Comms DA) of the dairy industry were there

DA SRES 2005 067

and so were the cows DA SRES 2005 144

We had lots of great food

DA SRES 2005 092

and these fantastic little milk cocktails

DA SRES 2005 059

The farmers took time off from their precious show cattle (they had plenty to eat too) and

DA SRES 2005 141

popped in to see what their levy $ where being spent on

DA SRES 2005 135

The Hon. Duncan John GAY, MLC was at that time the shadow minister for agriculture in NSW

DA SRES 2005 097

I had frizzy red hair – those curls are natural when my hair is short

DA SRES 2005 165The Dairy Australia team had lots of fun

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There were lots of speeches

DA SRES 2005 155

and industry displays

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we had lots of fantastic activities for kids at the show

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Some many reminders of all the wonderful people who supported me over the last ten years. Love you Chris, Neil, Tom, Vicki and Philip xox

Nick & Julian 8

and Julian even learnt to show cattle – what a little cutie he was. The judge didn’t give him the blue ribbon on that day. Then he didn’t have much of an eye for cattle – that little calf -whose nickname was Joster – went on to do very well at International Dairy Week when she grew up

Thank you Julian for putting the Australian dairy industry on the map in pictures

Author: Lynne Strong

I am a 6th generation farmer who loves surrounding myself with optimistic, courageous people who believe in inclusion, diversity and equality and embrace the power of collaboration. I am the founder of Picture You in Agriculture. Our team design and deliver programs that inspire pride in Australian agriculture and support young people to thrive in business and life

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