Putting yourself at the top of your To Do list

I am have never been much good at the work-life balance thing. Nailed the work side but always struggled to get a life. When I made 2017 the year I invested in me and signed up for a diversity of personal and professional opportunities I was starting to feel very comfortable I might start to nail  ‘get a life’

When Zoe Routh invited me to be part of her new Mastermind program I jumped at the opportunity not just because I am a big admirer of Zoe, the Larapinta Walk component was a huge incentive to get fit. I approached the getfit thing with great gusto. I loved it and the places it introduced me to.


Serpentine Gorge Larapinta

Three months down the track I now find myself with a very serious hamstring injury  (grade 3 with avulsion), with surgery and a brace looking more likely every day and Larapinta definitely off my agenda. Whatever I have done my scans have peaked the interest of the medicos and I am having no trouble getting into see the experts fast. But enough of the negatives.

When fitness becomes a high priority you rethink everywhere you go and are always looking for opportunities to get some training  in and do it in beautiful places of which Australia has many and it has certainly opened my eyes to how wonderful life can be

Let me share with you some of superb places I have been as a result of my get-fit campaign

Let’s start with the Bombah Point Eco Cottages. In January I had the great pleasure of being the MidCoast region’s Australia Day Ambassador. I had spent almost zero time on the MidCoast and knew very little about the region. So out of respect I decided to take a week and drive up and explore the region.

My first stop was the Bombah Point Eco Cottages  an absolute gem recommended by my business coach. The cottages are located 2.5 hours north of Sydney (4.5 hours drive from my bit of paradise) nestled in the Myall Lakes National Park between Seal Rocks, Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens & Bulahdelah.


My little cottage

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was located adjacent to the entrance to the walking trails and how good were they. So good even the day it got to 46 degrees as soon as the temp dropped 10 degrees and it started to sprinkle I was out there soaking up the atmosphere and providing fodder for endorphin release


The Eco Cottages are a new venture for host Duncan and his wife Suzie. As the former environmental manager for Cotton Australia, Duncan has a special affinity with native vegetation and the importance of biodiversity  as central to Australia’s cultural identity. Duncan is determined to get it right using a combination of protection and rehabilitation of remnant vegetation and traditional knowledge transfer. Its clear there is no shortage of passion, commitment and vision.

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Everything about Bombah Eco Cottages is designed to make your visit a lifelong memorable experience, with access to the vegie garden and freshly laid eggs from the chook pen .

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The chook palace

and when you visit don’t forget to take the ferry ride and

Krossmans Crossing (13).JPG

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Bennetts Beach  (7).JPG Bennett’s Beach



 the Tea Garden’s Boatshed

My 1st, 2nd and 3rd courses where sooooo divine



sit and soak up the atmosphere

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From here I headed to Forster where the locals describe it as God’s Country….. mmh I could certainly see why they could lay claim to that. Stay tuned for my pictorial of the Forster Region

In the meantime I am taking inspiration from this quote


Author: Lynne Strong

I am a 6th generation farmer who loves surrounding myself with optimistic, courageous people who believe in inclusion, diversity and equality and embrace the power of collaboration. I am the founder of Picture You in Agriculture. Our team design and deliver programs that inspire pride in Australian agriculture and support young people to thrive in business and life

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  1. Hello darling.. So the news is not so good.. What’s going to happen.. Love you xx


  2. Very sorry to hear of your injury Lynne. Keeping fit is important but not always easy to do, so I feel for you with this hiccup in proceedings. Thank you for sharing your photos, they are lovely. My wife and I stayed in a beautiful cottage in the Hunter region last year and had a very pleasant time despite the cold and rain! The owners have two cottages on what looks like a very small scale farm and we got to meet the locals including the cattle, some goats and a fox or two.

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