Telstra and the data drought – how powerless do you feel?



I am very confused about internet and mobile reception intricacies

I have been with my service provider is Telstra for 40 plus years

I have a mobile phone with a hotspot and ADSL at home

I coordinate the Art4Agriculture web based competitions. Entry submissions include animations ( large files) entries via the cloud –  which require upload and download via the cloud

Henry Lawson video download.PNG

The only way I can successfully download is to use my hotspot on my phone which cost $10/GB

Telstra Hotspot

Sadly it appears Telstra is taking advantage of poor ADSL coverage by forcing people to use their hotspot at great expense 

The only way I can get mobile phone reception at home is to sit in my car and make and accept calls through Bluetooth in my car

This Speedtest sums up my ADSL internet connection or lack of. Yet if I use the hotspot on my mobile phone I have excellent connection albeit at a huge cost . FYI Download speed in my region is supposed to be 6 plus and upload 1 plus

Image-1 (002).jpg

Download speed in my region is supposed to be 6 plus and upload 1 plus

Telstra were quick to respond to my queries on Twitter and assure me their tech team could fix all my problems

If only one could get through to the tech team. This morning I spoke to four people and the fourth person was just about to transfer me again when I hung up as I don’t to want to ruin their day by venting my frustration on them. I can assure I was pretty riled up by this time.

I know there are people in the bush who get no reception. I clearly do just not cost effectively or situation effective ( Seriously having to sit in my car to make phone calls)

To me this is all too bizarre. Like people in the bush who get no reception I am paying the same $ as businesses in city CBD yet don’t get the same service. I was in Microsoft in Westfield Pitt Street last week. My Dropbox folder using their internet access said it would sync in 1 hour, at home 2 weeks.

It gets even better – looking forward to watching Apple TV in 15 hours


Not good enough Telstra. Explanation and solution please

Author: Lynne Strong

I am a 6th generation farmer who loves surrounding myself with optimistic, courageous people who believe in inclusion, diversity and equality and embrace the power of collaboration. I am the founder of Picture You in Agriculture. Our team design and deliver programs that inspire pride in Australian agriculture and support young people to thrive in business and life

2 thoughts on “Telstra and the data drought – how powerless do you feel?”

  1. Sadly the Telstra support system is designed a specific way and it succeeds.
    It’s designed to make you go away.
    The only way I received a resolution to similar issues was to record all date/time/ID’s/and notes of every conversation. Call EVERY day and never miss. When nothing happens go to the TIO and supply the details.
    Sadly it took an hour a day for 5 weeks and a call to the TIO to get some resolution.
    What frustrates me is that it takes something like this to get a resolution or any sort.

    1. Thanks Andrew 100% agree Telstra wont talk to me unless I am sitting in front of my computer which I cant do as the only way I mcan get reception is to use the bluetooth in my car – hysterical – like you I will persist

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