The Amazing Disappearing Farmer A heartfelt story

Browne’s Dairy first caught my attention whilst I was visiting WA in November 2012 with their very heartfelt and very entertaining campaign Save WA Dairy Use by Date Campaign  I wrote about it at the time here and explained very cleverly on film here

Many of their products are very funky

and I imagine appeal to the demographic ( 13-18yrs) who turn to heaven forbid to less healthy alternatives in their teens

Now they are appealing to the hearts and minds of Western Australians through the Amazing Disappearing Dairy Farmer campaign

The Amazing Disappearaing Farmer

According to their website

In a massive show of defiance to those companies who choose to import Eastern States’ dairy products, thousands of everyday West Australians turned out to declare themselves ambassadors of WA dairy. A lucky few were then selected to broadcast their message of encouragement back to WA farmers. They’re West Aussies from every walk of life – young, old, families, parents, brothers, sisters and friends. People like Madeline Abbot and Robert Lorrimer from Ascot, the Rickett family from Ellenbrook and Cameron Powell from Scarborough.

While these people don’t know each other and have probably never met, they all share something in common – they recognise that without the hard work of WA’s dairy farmers, there would simply be no milk. It’s vitally important that our farmers are able to secure a fair return from the market for the milk they produce. This is the cornerstone of Brownes’ philosophy and a cause we are proud to champion.

Imported dairy products are hurting WA farmers – that’s the cold, hard truth. So with the help of our WA dairy ambassadors, we’re issuing a call to arms to all proud West Australians to buy local and support your State. This is one of the messages that our stars of the screen are now relaying on television and online around the State this week.

I look forward to seeing the impact of Brand WA on Western Australians. Will appealing to the heart translate into purchases? Well no-one can say Browne’s Dairy aren’t giving it a red hot go