Feel the energy

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Yesterday saw the Archibull judging move to the Rouse Hill Town Centre where the cows in the Baulkham Hill Shire have been on display for the last years in the library.

The judging was quite full on with judge Wendy Taylor talking to young Picassos from the schools and assessing their masterpieces

It was great to hear people going past saying “look the cows are back” and popping in to get a sneak peak

Next door was a buzz of activity, music and people having a lot of fun

coffee shop (9)

and we took the plunge and stepped in.

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The Coffee Emporium where the website claims

You will be transported to a truly European style coffee house.  Your eyes will be entertained with glossy marble, contrasted with warm timbers subdued lighting and polished glass.  Your sense of smell will be teased with the aroma of freshly ground coffee and a sweet and savoury food menu. Your ears will be delighted with the steady hum of conversation, the hiss of the barista working their magic on the coffee machine and delighted customers returning for more of their favourite coffee.  With just one taste you will know that you have arrived at the home of the “perfect coffee”.

and they were right we could definitely ‘feel the energy’

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The Rouse Hill Coffee Emporium is owned by Chadi Issa.  Chadi had worked as a casual at a number of coffee shops over the years in addition to his “day job” as a Sales Rep with a major clothing retailer and always wanted to have his own business. The Coffee Emporium gave him that chance and he opened his store at Rouse Hill in March 2008.

I believe that energy makes a good coffee an outstanding coffee, I do everything with love and passion and my team are trained and operate exactly the same.. Positive energy beams from the shop, because we’re all doing what we love. I don’t see this as work which is why we have so much fun..

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Now the pictures only tell part of the story Check out this footage I took to see just how entertaining Chadi is