Fair go Woolworths I am shocked and disappointed

Can you believe Woolworths said its 2014 first half profit was up 14.5 per cent to $1.32 billion, or up 6 per cent ( Read more ) yet they expect vegetable growers to help fund their fee for engaging James Oliver


Apparently Woolworths thinks everyone deserves a better dealĀ  EXCEPT farmers

Goodness gracious me Woolworths this is disgraceful Veg growers slam Woolies’ Jamie Oliver fee and I am confident that Jamie Oliver will be just as mortified as me that this is happening.

Ausveg says growers have received requests from Woolworths to voluntarily pay a charge towards the costs of the new “Jamie’s Garden” promotion, equal to 40 cents a crate of produce sold to the supermarket.

While Woolworths says the request is voluntary, Ausveg national marketing manager Simon Coburn says growers are not in a position to say no.

“The growers feel like they are in a position that, if they were to say no, they are worried that their contracts would be reduced or terminated completely,” Mr Coburn said.

He said growers already paid a charge of 2.5 per cent to five per cent of their sales back to Woolworths to cover marketing costs, and the 40-cent charge was in addition to that.

The cost would range from a few thousand dollars to $250,000 for a grower, depending on the size of their contract, he said.

“Some are telling us they don’t have 40 cents left in their margins,” Mr Coburn said. Source AAP

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Has Jamie Oliver been burnt by Woolworths media




and what is the ACCC doing about it. Quite a bit actually