What I have learnt on my journey to support young people to create a world we all are proud of

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I have always wanted to be a better person than the person I am. I have found I am not alone.

I am grateful to have found a tribe of young  people who wanted to learn how to be the best version of themselves they can be and had the courage to start a movement to pay it forward.

One thing I have learnt is the importance of starting where people are at . If you want to have community impact then help them identify their wants and needs (collect data) go on a journey together, experiment, collect more data, tweak, experiment  and signpost success.

Working with young Australians is a joy. Learning what they care about and what they want to learn about is something that will bring joy to everyone.

Each year young people’s desire to “Learn how we can all be kinder to each other” is moving closer to the top of the list.

To help teachers empower them to do this we reached out to our international brains trust.

This beautiful suggestion is inspired by Dale Carnegie

Supporting students in their drive to make the world a kinder place

Invite each student in the class to share a two-minute story of a time in their life they remember when some-one has been incredibly kind to them and how it had affected them.

Then ask the students to identify themes from the stories.

Follow this by asking them to identify the kindest person they know and what qualities/characteristics they think this person has that show they are kind.

Ask the students to share these qualities/characteristics on the whiteboard or similar.

Then ask the students

“Now that we have all been inspired by stories of kindness how can we as individuals bring more kindness into the world.”

Invite them to put forward their ideas

Our team is looking forward to the teachers and students feedback on this idea because we know the best way to drive change is to role model and signpost the behaviour you want to see

We can all be role models.  I am personally looking forward to the day politicians become disciples to the theory of change and the concept of signposting the social norms we can all be proud of.


My global tribe also recommended:

DailyGood for News that Inspires

Kindness which shares with us that we can all CHOOSE KINDNESS TODAY and every kind act matters. What impact will you have?

The key to farmer consumer relationships is to seek first to understand

When we survey young people as part of our Picture You in Agriculture programs we ask them questions that help us understand their intrinsic values.

One that answer that keeps coming up every year is the request to understand how we can all learn to be kinder to each other.

How magnifcent is this photo

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This week in retrospect – the beautiful and the ugly

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Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver. And our world could stand to be a little kinder and braver. Brene Brown.

Social media showcases the extremes in people’s behaviour and values and the extremes can be both very beautiful and inspiring  and very ugly and depressing.

Senator Penny Wong modelled beautiful and inspiring  this week when she said this about the rescue mission in Thailand

“Isn’t it just wonderful news, and what a wonderful relief for parents, particularly for family and friends,” Senator Wong said.

“But can I say this? In a world where we see a lot of bad news, a lot of tragedy, isn’t it wonderful to see the power of co-operation and the lengths people will go to, the courage people will show, to help a fellow human being, and I think it is a cause for inspiration and optimism.” Source The Australian

She retweeted this beautiful tribute to Former Thai navy seal Saman Guana who died at Tham Luang cave.

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and then there is this. What can I say beyond this that its  #NASTY #ABHORRENT #UNNECESSARY #POORTASTE

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and then I read about Steve Parish .  Wildlife photographer Steve Parish went from mansion to shed, but has found a new focus. His photos have always wowed me. Now his new ethos inspires me. Steve says it’s important to work on yourself to become a great photographer.

“You need to do more work on yourself than on your creative skills — you really need to know who you are and where you want to go with your photography,” he said.

“If you want to bring some sort of refocus to humanity, then you are already successful, but if you go along the path of ‘look at me’, you will just be one of 1.6 billion people uploading to social media everyday … and best of luck to you. We all really need to be in charge of our own joy.”

I am keen to be in charge of my own joy and encouraging a culture of people being kind to each other.


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