A tribute to all the quiet achievers in agriculture

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2018 has been a year where I have been honoured to have been identified as a leader who inspires and a rural influencer. I have had several requests to share my insights and advice and my inspiration

I struggle with the title leader – I am not a model I would want to emulate

Influencer – Yes that one I am more comfortable with

What is a leader?

I am a person who learns from others and the leader I have learnt the most from is Anna Rose. Anna is half my age and I so wish she came into my life earlier.

How to influence?

I can write a template for this. The question is ‘Do others want to do it my way’?

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I am a great advocate for the Anna Rose model.


Who is my inspiration?

That’s easy – Michael Strong has been my inspiration. A man with an enormous respect for the rainforest environment he farms in and even greater love and respect for the cows he works side by side with.

When I read Marian McDonald’s post today on her interview with Cathy Phelps it reminded about the quiet achievers in my life

Cathy Phelps work in natural resource management in dairy has been a shining light for Australian agriculture across the country yet very few in the media have heard of her.

Lynne Strong has plenty of accolades as the powerhouse behind Clover Hill Dairies, yet it was the quiet achiever in the family Michael Strong who inspired her passion for the family to leave an enduring legacy.

This post is a tribute to all the quiet achievers male and female in agriculture

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