Hats off to Joanna Baker a young lady who can deliver no matter what the challenges

This year’s speaker of the year under pressure must go to the inspirational Joanna Baker co-founder of Youth Food Movement Australia.

Joanna was the guest speaker at the NSW Farm Writers Association Agribuzz Event at the Sky Deck at the Main Arena at the Sydney Royal Easter last night


The venue was spectacular


The cocktails and canapés were divine, networking opportunities to mingle with the leading and emerging minds of agriculture abounded

But things just ran a little too smoothly in the main arena at the show and instead of Joanna having 15 mins to share her story with the Agribuzz crowd between main arena events she had to do over top of all these events

First of it was the rodeo, then the campdraft, then barrel races, the arena commentary throughout all these events and all that climaxed with the bikes and lots of loud clapping.


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As you can see from this series of photos I took Joanna speaks from the heart.

Excitingly she is not a lone voice.  She leads a team of young people (7,000 plus who aspire to be a collective voice for young Australians so that together they can have their say in the decisions that impact our food future.

Joanna and her team are 100% committed to helping build a new generation of young people who are aware of their power as conscious consumers by building understanding and value for the food we eat.

Joanna has a great story to tell, a great message to disseminate, she reached all of us in the audience last night (despite the challenges).

Lets all work together to promote public understanding of farming, and the interconnectedness of health and nutrition and the agricultural sector. After all our country’s health, wealth and happiness depends on it

Check out the website  See how you can get involved