Coles is putting milk in the Controversy Aisle again

People are asking Coles a lot of questions about dairy and Coles to their credit have been very busy on social media answering them. Lots of people are finding that the BRANDED milks are missing in action in a lot of Coles stores. I am very cynical like a lot of other Colesworth dont exactly have the best reputation for being the supermarkets you can trust to do the right thing   On Twitter they are assuring people that the shortage of BRANDED milk is due to HUGE demand. Lets hope this has translated into milk processors being inundated by orders from Coles for their BRANDS and we all look forward to the BRANDS getting lots more shelf space

1b_Coles Over on Facebook it would appear that there is such huge demand for the BRANDS that Coles have had to reconstitute milk powder for their home brands. Aaron asked Coles these 2 questions on Facebook and checkout their answer to the first question.

1a_Coles Milk Powder

1_Coles Milk Powder

Surely they forgot to put the “NOT” in this sentence. ” We can confirm Coles Brand Fresh milk is ?????? made from reconstituted milk powder ”

Now as far as I am aware the processors who supply Coles Brand Fresh Milk  in NSW source all their milk from NSW dairy farmers. I am also under the impression we do not have facilities in NSW anymore to produce milk powder.

Please Coles can you clear this up for me please!!!!!! Are your SM staff overworked and this is a mistake or do we now have a shortage of fresh milk in this country????????


it took awhile but Coles has finally got back to me.  FYI Still haven’t heard from Murray Goulburn they obviously have other pressing issues to worry about


As a dairy farmer I had a fair idea it would be nonsensical for Murray Goulburn to pick up fresh milk from NSW farmers, transport it to Victoria, turn it into milk powder, send it back to NSW, add water to it and package it and send it to NSW Coles stores to sell as House brand. The scary thing is so many people don’t trust Coles and thought it was indeed true

Coles Milk.JPG

Coles you have a PR problem which is easily fixed. Do the right thing

Farmers’ (whatever they’re farming) should be paid a price for their product that allows them to cover the true cost of production, that allows farmers to maintain/replace infrastructure, improve the land, provide for the welfare of their animals, care for themselves and their families and make a bit of profit as well. In other words, a truly sustainable farming system that takes into account economics, environment, people and animals. This can’t happen if people have a belief that food must be cheap. And this can’t happen if retailers keep underpinning that belief with ridiculous price wars.




This list is not all inclusive there are also lots of awesome boutique brands like Little Big Dairy Company and Country Valley Milk  and South Coast Dairy  and Norco

Thanks to everyone who is helping me add to this list

More boutique dairies owned by Australian farmers

Bass River Dairies

Empty Shelves


and Pete’s tweet made me smile


and Shaun Micallef doing what he does best and this time its rubbing salt into Coles’ wounds.

Shaun Micallef

You can watch the footage here 

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  1. Don’t forget Bass River Dairies. We may be small, but we supply a great milk and create employment opportunities in the rural region of Sth Gippsland

    1. Updated now thank you Glen and good on you for having the guts to value add though I imagine the majority of your milk still goes to one of the larger processors?

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